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“How do I take my business to the next level?”

Through the use of a questionnaire we will take an in depth look at your business: growth over the last two years, core customers, marketing strategies, budgets, strengths, weaknesses, competition etc.

We will also develop a “wish list” to include ideas that you “know could result in additional business if you just had the time”.....


Cathy Hickman


Timonium, MD



443.722.7399 cell

410.560.2929 fax


Business Assessment 

Improve the way you run your business through an in store assessment.  Find out what your customers are really saying– what they like and don’t like...  Beginning at the curb, outside the doors, from signage  and window displays, to the effectiveness of store personnel, customer service issues, merchandising displays, store policies etc.


  Our Services:

 - Marketing

 - Target Marketing 

 - Cross Marketing

 - Advertising

 - Web Services

 - Sales Promotions and Events

 - Public Relations


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